May 28-30, 2021



Have you ever dreamed of playing hockey in North America? Do you want to take your game to the highest level possible? As part of our Showcase team you are guaranteed to be seen by scouts and coaches from leagues such as the NHL, NCAA, USHL, NAHL, NCDC and more.

In May 2019 we brought 34 players to the Boston Pre Draft Showcase, and our success level was unbelievable. Future Star Academy Team Black made it to the quarter finals and Team Blue became second in their group, missing the playoffs with just one goal. Every Future Star player were offered at least one opportunity to further their hockey careers in North America, with most players receiving numerous offers, including one player being drafted first overall in the NAHL Entry Draft.

For our 2020 Pre Boston Showcase trip we had 51 players in three teams signed up but the Showcase unfortunately got canceled due to the Corona virus. We still managed to get several of our players a team in North America through our Mentorship program, thanks to our unique and diverse contact network of scouts and coaches.


Filip Löfdahl and Casper Söderling

After the Future Star Academy Boston Pre Draft Showcase trip 2019, Casper Söderling was drafted first overall in the NAHL Entry Draft. Filip Löfdahl was the first pick in the second round of the NAHL Draft. Both drafted by Maine Nordiques, where they play today.



We have normally concluded all of our planning and recruiting for our trip to the Boston Pre Draft Showcase during autumn the year before the trip, unfortunately due to the ongoing situation we will not be able to travel. As we have foreseen this as a potential issue, we have been hard at work making arrangements for a plan B.

We are proud to announce that our plan is to arrange and host our own showcase in Sweden. We will be able to offer a wonderful educational experience through our lecture series, and a tremendous opportunity to be scouted by coaches from all over North America, as well as guidance/advice in the recruiting process. Save the below dates and apply for a spot if you are interested to participate.

Dates: May 28-30
Location: CIK-hallen, Knivsta (45 minutes outside of Stockholm)

However, since the situation with the corona virus still is insecure, we will continue to monitor how everything develops before we for example charge for the event. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Coach McCarthy at any time or apply today. Details and specific information will be provided to those who apply.




If you are interested in participating in the Future Star Showcase 2021, apply for a spot below. Please note that we might not have the possibility to offer all players a spot this year depending on how many teams we will have. We will keep you posted.

There are two ways to sign up, please make sure you use the correct one. We accept players born 2001-2004.

1) If you already have a Future Star Academy player profile, use THIS FORM to apply

2) If you don't have a Future Star Academy player profile, use the FORM BELOW to apply.

PLEASE NOTE! If the player is 18 years old and older, but will not pay for the showcase, please fill in the parent responsible for a future payment. If the player is 18 years or older and pay for the showcase himself, please fill in the players data where it says parent information as well.






  • We are very satisfied with the trip and the organisation around it, everything was very professional. It was very valuable to get an insight into North American hockey, how it works and how big the hockey is. Good presentations from coaches and students about college and junior hockey. The visit and tour of Boston University was impressive. But above all else, it was great to see a lot of good hockey in different arenas.

    - Tobias (parent)

  • I had the pleasure of scouting Future Star Academy, as well as getting to know their coaching staff. The values they reinforce and instill in their players are exactly what coaches are looking for at the collegiate level, and they make it a way of life for themselves, and the athletes. The coaches are honest with their players and understand what it takes to play at the highest levels, which makes them a credible resource. The players are highly skilled, work hard, and welcome any instruction or constructive criticism. Their athletes take care of themselves away from the rink, and show strong leadership characteristics with the examples they set for others.

    - Coach Russell, Plymouth State University

  • I decided to go to the showcase with Future Star Academy because I wanted to play junior and college hockey in the US. I believed this was the showcase where I could present myself to the most scouts and therefore be able to play at the highest level I could. Throughout the tournament I spoke to around 15 coaches and 8 of them offered me contracts, which was a lot more than I expected. Another great and unique thing about the Future Star Showcase trip is that you are coached by many different coaches from different teams who gets to know you really well, not just based on watching your games but by watching how you act at practices and outside the ice. If you want to play hockey in North America, I definitely recommend this trip because it will get you more opportunities than you can get elsewhere. Besides that, the trip is really well organized and there are no problems regarding things like accommodation or transportation.

    - Tor (player)

  • We went on the Future Star Academy Showcase trip in 2019. Both the trip and the showcase were very well organized. The players got to experience tough, hard, good and fun trainings with American coaches. During the showcase tournament, the team met other high level teams and got to show themselves and their game to many active scouts. The visit to the college and the scout meetings were very professionally arranged. The team spirit and good behavior throughout the whole journey was as important as the performance on the ice. A really good trip to get to experience the life as a hockey player in North America. We will definitely go on another showcase trip with Future Star Academy.

    - Johan (parent)

  • I just want to thank you for a great trip, it was both educational and exciting. Hope you continue doing this project!

    - Klas (parent)