Future Star Academy are working with developing hockey players at an individual level. Our focus is to create smart players by improving their game sense as we work with goal scoring and shooting techniques. We will challenge you in your actions on ice, both mentally and physically, to make you reach maximum development. We arrange camps, elite training groups, mentorship, showcases etc. We're based in Sweden, but work all over the world.

Future Star Academy always provides very knowledgeable instructors and guest instructors, who are among the best in their areas. Our instructors often have a long experience from both playing by themselves and from working as coaches and instructors.

Mike McCarthy is the chief of Future Star Academy. Mike has a background from playing college hockey in the US and very well knows what's needed to make a career in North America. He has also been working as a coach and instructor in Sweden for many years, and has a great experience in the game of hockey.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US